Intentional Performers with Brian Levenson

How to Build Resilience with Van Brooks

November 6, 2019

Van Brooks joins us on this week’s episode of the podcast. Van played football growing up and today he works in the non-profit world in inner city Baltimore where he helps to mentor and develop a lot of our youth. Van is incredibly thoughtful, intentional, and resilient.

In this episode, we discuss why he was interested in sports at a young age (4:50), his relationship with his family (5:50), what it was like playing lacrosse (8:40), the values his parents passed down to him (10:30), what his experience at Loyola Blakefield was like (11:30), how he balances humility and confidence (15:40), the value of education (17:30), what it was like adjusting to his private school (19:30), what it was like being in two different communities (22:20), the transformative moment in his life (23:50), what he remembers when he woke up (28:20), what it would be like to go to Georgetown Prep (30:00), the thoughts running in his head in the hospital (31:50), tipping points that changed his views (36:30), how he applied athletics to his life after athletics (40:00), his high school graduation day (43:20), how he thinks about sticking out vs. fitting in (46:50), what it was like going to Towson (52:30), where he gets his therapy from (54:40), when he started the foundation and helping others (55:20), why he focuses on middle school (58:40), what the next ten years looks like for him and the foundation (59:30), what makes him feel most alive (1:01:00), what’s the draw to staying in Baltimore (1:02:40), how he thinks about working in the business vs. on the business (1:05:30), and giving a fish vs. teaching how to fish (1:07:40).

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