Steve Campbell on The Ascent

November 8, 2017

Today we chat with Steve Campbell, who is co-founder and CEO of The Ascent.

Prior to breaking off on his own, Steve was the 10th employee at Vayner Media where he helped that company grow to what is now a 700 person company. Steve is a personal brand consultant and he helps people build communities. He has also walked the walk, as he has built an only community of over 34,000 people on Medium where people document their personal journeys (stories, experiences, life lessons, etc.).

In this episode Steve goes into greater detail about his journey, the lessons he's learned from being around some of the top social media experts in the world, and his decision-making process that led to him taking massive risks in his career. Steve is a caring guy who really values helping people. He wants to make an impact on the world while still cherishing the things he values most.

If you didn't know by now, Steve is also very active on social media.,,,

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Thanks to Steve for coming on the podcast!

--Brian (@brianlevenson)