Intentional Performers with Brian Levenson

Sportscaster Bram Weinstein

March 6, 2019

Bram Weinstein joins us on this week’s episode of the podcast. Bram covered the Washington Redskins for a number of years, worked on sports talk radio, and eventually became an anchor on ESPN’s SportsCenter. When he finished up at ESPN, he came back to the DC area in sports talk radio, and now he has decided that he wants to go into the world of podcast production. He brings a great perspective on performing under the pressure. He also shares his thoughts on media, and specifically sports talk media in this conversation.

In this episode, they discuss the crazy story when Bram and Brian first met (4:10), what life was like for him as a kid (12:10), if his parents wanted him to go into broadcast journalism (14:10), the dynamic with his siblings (16:30), the values his parents passed down to him (17:30), where creativity comes from for him and his brother (19:30), where he saw himself while in high school (22:10), what covering the Redskins involved (23:05), how much ESPN was around during his childhood (25:00), his interview process with ESPN (27:10), his thoughts on the mindset in preparation vs. performance (29:30), how he listens during interviews (35:30), the people he emulated (38:00), how much of broadcasting is writing (39:40), the difference between print and broadcast (43:00), when he has felt most alive in his career (44:30), what lead writing is (46:00), how gratitude has helped or hurt him (47:30), what it’s like to be on sports talk radio (53:40), what his authentic self looks like (56:20), the biggest mistake he’s made on air (57:40), how he balances fandom and doing what he loves (58:40), the routines/habits he does to make sure he’s ready to perform (1:00:20), if he ever gets nervous (1:02:30), his thoughts on preparation before performance (1:08:30), what he’s up to now (1:10:30), his biggest fear (1:12:30), what the media landscape will look like in 2030 (1:14:30), and how he makes sense of the AAF ratings being so high (1:16:15)

Thank you to Bram for coming on the podcast. You can find him @RealBramW on Twitter and Instagram. will be coming out shortly, and it will coincide with the studio getting up and running. Bram is open for business and has a long history of performing so he brings a unique view point of how things should be put together. At the same time, he is looking forward to collaborating with people on ideas and stories and is open to all ideas.

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