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How To Train Leadership with Seb Little

September 11, 2019

Seb Little joins us on this week’s episode of the podcast. Seb currently works at the McChrystal Group, and before that he was a football player at Yale University. Seb is somebody that is obsessed with humans and elite performance. As mentioned, Seb is currently with the McChrystal Group which is a firm that takes military strategy and philosophy and applies that to the corporate world. Seb is at the forefront of human development and teaches, trains, and coaches’ elite athletes and elite performers.

In this episode, they discuss what life was like for him as a kid (5:00), what his mom and grandma taught him (7:30), what his other families do for him (10:35), how seeing his dad go through his challenges impacted him (11:30), how he makes sense of addiction (12:45), how he thinks about belonging (15:40), how academics came into his life (18:15), when sports came into his life (20:40), his mindset when playing football (23:30), what he loved about football (27:00), what got in the way of him being successful in a game (29:00), the position he played and how that impacted how he sees the world (30:40), why he decided to go to Yale (31:40), what it was like going through injuries (33:30), when working for a company like the McChrystal Group started to form for him (36:30), what the McChrystal group does (38:40), what it was like transitioning from college to the corporate world (41:00), his desire to be a captain at Yale (45:00), what makes a great leader (47:10), what he does to make sure he is at his best (49:05), the similarities between business, sports, and military (52:10), how love relates to teams (54:30), the differences between business, sports, and military (56:05), how he thinks about his interactions with the world (1:00:20), emotional intelligence (1:02:20), what the world will look like in terms of leadership 10 years from now (1:04:30), and what excites him about the work the McChrystal Group does (1:09:00).

Thank you to Seb for coming on the podcast. We encourage you to check out @SebLittle_ on Twitter and @seblittle_ on Instagram. Also, please check out College Next Door which pairs high school students with college mentors to go through the process of mentoring.

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