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Riley Cote on the Importance of Self-Love

March 11, 2020

Riley Cote joins us on this week’s episode of the podcast. Riley played in the NHL for 4 years and was mainly known as an enforcer. We will talk about his experience as an enforcer, what it was like for him and the toll it took on him. Upon retiring from the NHL, he founded the Hemp Heals Foundation which is a non-profit organization that provides cannabis as a viable resource that can help increase the quality of lives of people. Riley is also a founder of Athletes For Care which is a non-profit organization created to help athletes find support, opportunity, and purpose in life after a career in sports. Riley is currently launching a product called Body Check Wellness which is a line of hemp based personal care products whose mission is to optimize everyday performance and challenge individuals to rethink the healing process.

In this podcast, we discuss what life was like growing up (5:20), the values his parents passed down to them (9:10), his religious framework (11:40), his experience with ayahuasca (15:10), where his curiosity comes from (21:00), what it was like playing juniors (24:05), if he was into education at an early age (27:00), his progression working his way into the NHL (29:50), his options if he didn’t go into the NHL (32:20), what he’d do to get himself ready to fight (34:40), his perspective on guys overdosing from his role in the NHL (40:30), head trauma and concussions (45:20), if he believes fighting should be part of the game (51:30), what he’s been up to since he stopped playing hockey (56:50), and his meditation practice (1:03:50).

Thank you to Riley for coming on the podcast. We encourage you to find him on Instagram @RileeCoyote32, Facebook @RileyCote, and Twitter @RileeCoyote. He is soon to be launching Cote Culture which is the umbrella website and business for all the things he’s involved in.

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