Intentional Performers with Brian Levenson

Miranda Holder on the Coaching Journey

March 27, 2019

Miranda Holder joins us on this week’s episode of the podcast. Miranda is an Executive Coach that has a background in sport. She was a three-sport athlete in High School and then she found Rowing in College where she competed at an elite, high level. She then became a Rowing Coach and ended up becoming the Head Rowing Coach at Georgetown University. That journey of becoming a Rowing Coach ended up leading her to become an Executive Coach. Today, she spends a lot of time working with people in all walks of life in the corporate space, and she considers herself to be an insight wizard and she will give insight into how she came to develop her eye for coaching. She helps people see themselves in their situation more clearly, and for the people brave enough to do the work, there’s an incredible leader, person, and idea ready to surface. She loves to work with people on being the best leader or CEO that they can be while also taking risk to start a company or refusing to settle into a career path that doesn’t elicit joy and excitement. She loves helping people unlock their potential and at her core, she loves coaching.

In this episode, they discuss when rowing first came into her life (5:40), what her childhood was like (8:40), the values her parents instilled in her (9:35), her academic experience (11:30), where her “if it’s meant to be, it’ll be” mindset is rooted in (14:40), what her spiritual lens is (16:40), what her rowing experience was like (19:20), what was exciting about getting up at 4:40 am to row (23:00), the amount of time it took her to get good at rowing (26:20), how she managed what she was doing individually with it being a team sport (28:40), what she would do mentally to prepare for a race (30:30), when she started to pursue the national team (32:10), how it felt when she stopped rowing (35:00), how her rowing coaching experience began (41:00), what she thought her career path was going to be (42:20), if she would’ve had a similar path without the heart condition (43:40), her sport coaching journey (44:40), what she noticed in elite rowers (47:30), how to instill persistence in kids (49:00), what it was like managing a rowing program (53:15), what led to her burnout (56:20), when executive coaching came into her life (58:50), what in her allows her to go get help (1:00:00), what makes her feel alive about executive coaching (1:01:50), how she got interested in yoga (1:06:20), and what she does to make sure she’s mentally, emotionally, and physically strong (1:08:20)

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