Intentional Performers with Brian Levenson

Mindset is Everything with Mitch Aguiar

May 16, 2018

Mitch Aguiar is a former Navy SEAL, an MMA fighter, and entrepreneur.

This episode starts with Mitch and I simply having a conversation, which turned into a fascinating talk that ranged from his upbringing, going through BUDS, serving 10 years as a SEAL, some of the physical and mental challenges he's faced in his journey, fighting MMA, and starting his own clothing company.

Mitch lives by the mantra "Mindset is Everything" and he certainly lives that mantra daily. He also doesn't sugar-coat his opinion so it's worth noting that this conversation does contain explicit language. 

You are going to love the stories, honesty, and overall vulnerability that Mitch shows throughout this episode.

Mitch is very active on Instagram and he talks about how fulfilling it has been for him to make an impact on people through social media. Go give him a follow @SmashinFrog. You can also check out his apparel line at

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Thanks to Mitch for coming on and thank you for listening.




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