Intentional Performers with Brian Levenson

Matt Bodnar on the Science of Success

June 26, 2019

Matt Bodnar joins us on this week’s episode of the podcast. Matt wears many hats; he has been named to “Forbes 30 Under 30” and he’s a partner in multiple “Inc Fastest Growing Companies.” He is a deal maker, strategy expert, and he has scaled businesses across multiple industries. He has done over $100 million in deal volume across 25+ transactions. He is Chairman of Fresh Technology, CoFounder and Managing Partner of Fresh Capital, and Managing Partner of Fresh Holdings. Matt will share with you some of his work in real estate, restaurants, and technology. He is always looking to invest and become a partner in companies as he really values ownership. He is an entrepreneur at heart, but his career started at Goldman Sachs where he learned a lot about finance and what went into that world until he decided to pursue a life that went along with his values and strengths. Matt is intentional about how he spends his days and his weeks, and where he’s looking to go from a career standpoint.

In this episode, they discuss when his entrepreneurial spirit came up for him (4:30), what brought him to Wall Street (7:15), if anything in his childhood showed his entrepreneurial spirit (8:30), how his travel shaped his view of the world (10:30), what he was like as a kid in the school system (12:10), how being the only one in the house with his parents affected him (14:50), how he feels about reading in the middle of the day (15:50), his daily routine and thoughts on productivity (16:50), how he uses Evernote for journaling (23:10), what’s the psychology behind getting yourself to put out content (27:30), what comes after meditation and journaling in his routine (32:30), how he thinks about exercise and fitness (34:10), what his conversation would look like if he had an employee that wanted to journal, meditate, etc. during the day (35:40), his career up to this point (36:30), how he makes the decision to delegate (38:40), how he compensates for always wanting to delegate (39:50), what makes him feel most alive (42:10), when he became interested in self-help and personal development (45:20), what he does to work on himself (47:05), and what he struggles with (50:50)

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