Intentional Performers with Brian Levenson

Jordan Steffy on the Power of Connection

April 29, 2020

Jordan Steffy joins us on this week’s episode of the podcast. Jordan played Quarterback for the University of Maryland. Jordan is a mentor at his core and he is a leader. He founded two non-profits called Children Deserve a Chance Foundation and Attollo Prep. At his organizations, they help lead young men and women to college. He is a community leader based on Lancaster, PA and Jordan is somebody who cares deeply about making this world a better place.

In this episode, we discuss what life was like for him growing up (4:30), the mentor he got in 8th grade (7:40), how he thought about money when he was young (10:50), why he was interested in academics (14:10), where he’d be if he didn’t play sports (17:40), his identity in high school (26:20), why playing QB was important to him (29:40), when Attollo Prep became something he wanted to pursue (32:00), his biggest win in college (35:20), how he leans on head vs. heart (38:30), what his routine looks like (41:00), what he does to make sure he’s empowering his people (44:30), leadership is about modeling (49:40), the questions he constantly asks (51:20), what it’d be like if he went through his program before going to Maryland (55:30), what he wishes he knew (59:30), how he created relationships while at the University of Maryland (1:02:30), his entrepreneurial spirit (1:05:50), what he does to intentionally get better (1:11:00), and how he captures the content he inhales (1:13:05)

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