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Investor/Developer Matt Hartman on Developing for Impact

February 6, 2019

Matt joins us on this week’s episode of the podcast. Matt has a background in venture capital, and he has also developed technology for companies, so he is a developer, but he also invests in companies. Today he works for a company called Beta Works which is a nice convergence of what Matt is passionate about. At Beta Works, they make new products that can make an impact, and then Beta Works will then invest in those products. Matt has a really interesting story that involves music, technology, and partnerships, and he will get into all of that today. At his core, Matt really cares about developing products that can make an impact on people.

In this episode, they discuss his story growing up (5:40), his curiosity for products (11:20), when music came into his life (17:10), his thoughts on the performance vs. preparation mindset (20:30), what his high school experience was like (25:40), if he ever thought about going the music route (28:30), when he realized he could go music or software, and then went this direction (33:20), how playing the piano compares to his job (36:15), the willingness of companies to pivot or not pivot (40:15), how he goes from working for someone to building products (44:20), what he thought the next step would be after grad school (47:40), the creativity that he and his siblings have (50:10), what his parents did (51:30), what it was like for him to create products (55:00), what it was like to be in business with someone else (58:40), how he transitioned and ended up in the business of technology (1:02:50), how important his background in development is (1:05:30), why he’s so passionate about communication (1:09:10), his thoughts on subscription pages (1:15:30), what his secret sauce is as far as successful companies (1:18:30), and what he intentionally does to be his best self (1:21:20)

Thank you to Matt for coming on the podcast. We encourage you to check out Matt on twitter @MattHartman. He also has a daily 5 minute podcast called TLDR Daily, and he is at Beta Works Ventures so if you have a company they could be interested in, please reach out. We also encourage you to check out the piano bar in New York which Matt plays at once a month!

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