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Fearless Impact with Danielle Cantor

November 14, 2018

Danielle joins us on this week’s episode of the podcast. Danielle is sharp, passionate about helping people, and knows her stuff about basketball. You will not find a smarter, and more competent person when it comes to representing basketball players. Danielle is an NBPA certified agent and has worked alongside David Falk who is a legend in the sports agent world. Danielle is a relationship-based person that values people, helping people, and she is a servant leader at her core. She was also a Division 1 soccer player at the University of Pennsylvania. Danielle is a competitor, a winner, and she is also a very caring person that wants to help make people better and unlock their potential.

In this episode, they discuss what she was like growing up as an athlete and soccer player (6:20), what qualities make-up a good goalie (11:05), where sports came from for her (12:50), the differences between competitiveness and fearlessness (14:20), how she defines winning (19:10), how she works with being competitive but not necessarily having control of the outcome (24:10), her process for goal-setting (26:30), a devastating soccer loss she went through and the follow-up from that event (29:00), what it feels like when she gets into the space of “I’m going to make this happen,” (34:30), going towards a challenge as opposed to thinking of it as a threat (38:00), when college soccer became something that seemed like a possibility for her (42:50), her experience playing college soccer (46:00), how she got into the sports agency world (51:30), the qualities she believes salespeople need (56:20),  what she did routine wise as a goalie (57:00), what processes she puts in place for her attention to detail (59:00), how she prepared for this podcast (1:03:20), and how she feels about being a female in a male dominated industry (1:07:00)

Thanks to Danielle for coming on the podcast. Danielle is exploring fearlessness in a way that is inspiring, and we thank her for sharing her story.

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