Elton Brand on Whatever it Takes

January 3, 2018

Elton Brand had an NBA career that spanned 16 1/2 years. During that time, he was a two-time all-star and one of the top power forwards in the league. He entered the league as the first overall pick in 1999 where he became the co-rookie of the year. Before that, he had an illustrious career at Duke University. 

In this conversation, we talk about Elton's mindset growing up and how his Mom helped him become the man he is today. We will also get into the weeds on Elton's best year in the NBA and how his mindset helped him average 24.7 points per game and 10 rebounds per game. Elton was obsessed with trying to be the best player he could be and that season was the tipping point for how he thought about his performance.

Today, Elton serves as the General Manager of the Delaware 87ers and also works with the Philadelphia 76ers front office. 

Elton's a warm guy, who makes people feel important when they talk to him. He's thoughtful, humble, and has a great sense of who he is and who he wants to be. His character is what helped him have a long career and has also helped him transition out of playing. 

Elton is involved with Team Impact, which was actually co-founded by one of our former guests, Kris Herman. 

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Thanks to Elton for coming on and thanks to all of you for listening.