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Cordie Walker on Learning Golf

October 24, 2018

Cordie joins us on this week’s episode of the podcast. During our conversation, Cordie talks about how to grow and learn as a golfer. He will talk about how golf is changing and turning into somewhat of a team sport. Cordie is curious about how to make the best golfer, what makes golfers good, and how we change or shift golf in our society. Cordie is a podcast producer, a podcast expert, and entrepreneur. He will share how he is constantly innovating and working on new things.

In this episode, they discuss where golf started for him (4:20), what drew him to podcasting (7:10), who introduced him to music and golf (8:05), what drew him to golf over music (10:20), why he dislikes the word potential (11:10), what comes next for him after the software company and golf podcast (15:45), what he sees from the best golf coaches (18:45), the idea behind “Par” and golf being a problem-solving activity (24:00), his idea on the preparation vs. performance mindset (25:30), what gave him the confidence to pursue his passion (29:40), the downside of going after his passion (31:10), what he learned from his failed software company (32:10), the values his mom and dad passed down to him (33:20), when he started to create content and where this ability came from (36:20), the advice he’d give to someone producing a podcast or creating content (37:00), how companies use podcasts internally (40:10), the different areas he’s involved in (43:00), the drive for each of his three funnels (43:45), how long he’s been at the flooring company and what he’s learned along the way (45:30), what it’s like managing people (46:45), how he sees himself in the future (48:05), the concept behind his podcast (50:20), how northeast golfers adapt to not being able to play golf all year (54:30), what he does when he’s preparing and performing at golf (56:50), the expectation he puts on himself when performing (1:01:30)

Thank you to Cordie for joining us on this week’s episode of the podcast. We encourage you to check out his podcast “The Golf Science Lab,” and “Just Hit Publish” is the agency where they produce shows for businesses and organizations. Finally, we encourage you to check out his twitter @cordiewalker and website

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