Intentional Performers with Brian Levenson

Basketball Coach Brandon Chambers

September 4, 2019

Brandon Chambers joins us on this week’s episode of the podcast. Brandon is an Assistant Coach with the Men’s Basketball Team at Texas Southern University. Previously to Texas Southern, Brandon was at the University of Nevada where he helped them succeed in the NCAA basketball tournament and before that, he was at Paul VI, and VCU. Brandon has played in a lot of different sandboxes in the coaching world over the last 10 years or so, and he is someone that is a sponge, a lifelong learner, and always trying to become more. At Brandon’s core he is just trying to share knowledge and wisdom and build relationships with people.

In this episode, they discuss what childhood was like for him (6:00), his experience with his brothers (9:30), what he learned from moving around (11:30), what his parents are like (13:20), the values his parents passed down to him (15:50), what he learned about his dad after he passed (19:00), how he saw his dad as a ten-year-old and how he sees him now (22:10), what he does to be his best self (26:30), how faith plays a role in his life (30:00), his thoughts on dealing with difficult situations (36:00), his thoughts on being and becoming (46:00), his experience as a student manager at VCU (52:30), what made the VCU program so successful (57:10), and what he’s doing at Texas Southern now (59:10)

Thank you to Brandon for coming on the podcast. You can find him on twitter @chambershoops and Chambersbm on Instagram. We encourage you to check out the Texas Southern Men’s Basketball team on twitter and Instagram as well.

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