Ron Paul on Loving Leadership

August 16, 2017

Ron Paul is someone I have always admired and looked up to. Ron is a classy man, a terrific father, and an extremely successful businessman. Ron is a humble man but his accomplishments include being named “Community Banker of the Year” for the Eastern Region, by the Independent Community Bankers of America, Named by Washington Business Journal as a member of the Washington, DC area “Power 100”, and being inducted into the “Washington Business Hall of Fame”.

Yet, while his accolades in business are many, he brims with pride when talking about his family and the philanthropic work he has done to fight kidney disease and different forms of cancer.

Ron is a high character human who has faced all kinds of set-backs in his life, yet he maintains a strong sense of self and understanding of his values.

If you want to learn more about his work in fighting kidney disease you can check out the Ron & Joy Paul Kidney Center here.

Thanks to Ron for the time and being so open.