Paul Rabil on Developing Mindset

March 21, 2018

One of the most recognizable and successful lacrosse players and former MVP Paul Rabil joins Brian Levenson to discuss his time as a lacrosse player. Additionally, Paul is a great marketer through social media, which he has leveraged to enhance his brand. Paul is also very open about his work with a Sport Psychologist and remains fascinated by the psychology of performance. 

In this episode, they discuss his work with sport psychology (4:00). What triggered his competitive nature and the importance of loyalty (9:00). How playing a variety of other sports as a kid helped him develop his mindset (18:00). What drew him to lacrosse (27:30). The things that go on in his mind when he’s on the field and his rigorous preparation for games (38:00). Why focusing on perfection is not ideal (43:00). The value he places on visualization, meditation, and journaling (50:45). Understanding time management and trying to find 10 minutes to read every day despite learning differences (57:00) Why he believes it is so important to use social media and how he takes advantage of the various platforms (1:02:45). The full development of what got him interested in sport psychology and it’s importance in all facets of life (1:07:00). Where he sees himself in the future (1:14:00).

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Mario Romero on Finding a Way

March 14, 2018

Mario Romero joins Brian Levenson to share his thoughts and inspirations from humble beginnings leading to the process of him becoming a Navy SEAL and now his time as attempting to become an astronaut as he finishes graduate school at Columbia University. He shares wisdom from his past and how he is able to think against the grain to achieve his goals.

The conversation touches on his difficult childhood raised by his mother and feeling like an outcast as a Jehovah’s Witness (4:00). His current views on religion, faith, and spirituality (12:00). The vision of becoming a Navy SEAL he developed at a young age and the constant desire to challenge himself in high school(16:00). The value of putting himself out there even when failure was likely and choosing sports that build mental toughness (25:30). How 9/11 reaffirmed his desire to become a Navy SEAL and how he wouldn’t let any obstacles keep him from his goal (35:00). Methods he uses to not be distracted (51:00). How he prepared and dealt with others doubting him during his time as a Navy SEAL (55:30). What it’s like serving as a SEAL and how proud he is of his time there (1:09:00). Dealing with having to conform (1:18:30). The difficulties of dealing with PTSD upon returning to being a civilian (1:22:00). His decision to go to graduate school in mathematic and conquer the mindset that he couldn’t be good at math (1:28:45). What he plans to do in the future (1:41:00).

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Sean Pendergast on Changing Course

March 7, 2018

Houston sports radio host and freelance writer Sean Pendergast joins Brian Levenson to discuss his journey starting in sales before becoming a radio host (4:45), the value of money in relationship to happiness and the serendipitous moment that led to working in sports radio (12:00), and advice for college students on choosing a career (27:00). Then they talk about his transition to sports radio and the value of enthusiasm in the workplace (37:30), the importance his time in sales has had in his success in radio (52:00), how has mindset changed for maximizing the impact of the show after the 1st couple of years and why he started writing (1:01:30), and learning to develop a better feel of how to prepare and still be able to adapt on the fly (1:09:30). Then Sean describes the best interview he ever did with the man who shot Osama Bin Laden: Rob O’Neill (1:17:00). Finally, he discusses how he prepares before going on the air (1:25:00).

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Brian Levenson


Danny Ferry on Playing for Legends

February 28, 2018

Former NBA Player/Executive Danny Ferry joins the podcast to discuss being a star in high school for legendary Dematha coach Morgan Wooten (8:15). Growing up as part of a basketball family (12:20). Being recruited to Duke and Coach K's vision (16:40). How he handled stress while playing there (29:00). Then they talk about Danny’s time playing in the NBA starting as the #2 overall pick playing in Italy for a year, and how it changed his mindset, as he struggled for the first time (35:04). How a book helped him refocus (38:40). The value of systems (47:00).  Balancing ego and the difference between individual vs. team sports (55:00). Playing for the Spurs while adjusting to coach Gregg Popovich and his holistic approach (57:00). Then Danny talks about transitioning from playing into the front office (1:11:50). Finally, he picks between his 3 coaches for various hypothetical scenarios (1:18:00).


Dennys Lozada on Believing in Myself

February 21, 2018

Dennys Lozada is tough.

He is a Fitness Personal Trainer in New York City where he works at the Fhitting Room. He has over 10 years of experience, and his passion for helping people came across before we even turned the mics on. Dennys has worked at Under Armour/IMG Academy and with professional athletes from the Minnesota Twins (MLB), Timberwolves (NBA), Vikings (NFL), and Wild (NHL). Dennys is a Nike Trainer and member of the Men’s Health Fitness Council. 

Since he was young, Dennys has shown perseverance and hard work in all aspects of his life. Being a collegiate football player and a 2-time Golden Gloves winning professional boxer helped guide Dennys on his journey.

In this episode, Dennys opens up about his upbringing which was riddled with adversity. He will also talk about some of the health challenges he has faced in his life, including surviving cancer--twice! He will share how he has set his mind to handle physical and emotional challenges and some of the people who have helped him along the way.

Dennys' smile is as big as his biceps, which is saying something! His energy is contagious, and he truly loves helping people.

I am grateful for being introduced to Dennys, by my sister-in-law Samantha, and I know you will be too.

You can learn more about Dennys:

Instagram: @Fftstrong


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Melissa Hyatt on Emotional Control

February 14, 2018

Chief Melissa Hyatt has blended emotional intelligence with a fierce drive to become one of the highest ranking police officers in Baltimore.

Even though she is diminutive in size, she never let that or her gender serve as an excuse for not achieving what she wanted to achieve. She credits valuing empathy and persistence as the reason that she's been able to get to where she is today--the highest ranking female in her agency.

Melissa joined the Baltimore Police Department in 1997. Her previous assignments include Chief of Staff to the Police Commissioner, Chief of Patrol, Area Commander, District Commander of the Central District, Executive Officer of the Southeastern District, Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT), District Patrol (Northwestern, Southwestern, and Northeastern), and Citywide Operations.

In her current role as Chief of the Special Operations Division, she commands the Tactical Section, the Communications Section, and Headquarters and City Hall Security.

In this conversation we talk about humility, leadership, grit, and what is required of people who serve our communities.

You can follow Melissa on Twitter (@ChiefMHyattBPD) and check out the work she does with the Polar Bear Plunge to raise money for the Special Olympics.

Thanks for listening!




Ben Olsen on Being Inclusive

February 7, 2018

Ben Olsen is the head coach of DC United. I have been fortunate to collaborate with Ben and get to know him as a coach, father, and human. He's an amazing guy. Ben is someone who has tremendous emotional intelligence and knows how to bring people with him on a journey.

Ben had tremendous success as a player. In 1997, he was named the Soccer Player of the Year for the season he had at University of Virginia. He then went on to have success at the pro level where he played with the team he is currently the coach of (DC United). As a player, he was part of two MLS Cup titles, was a two-time All-Star, was the MLS Cup MVP in 1999, and won the Rookie of the Year. He also earned 37 caps with the US men's national team and played in the 2006 world cup.

I have enjoyed getting to know Ben over the years and I know you will enjoy this conversation as well. We get into his upbringing, leadership, humility, culture, and how he used visualization to help him in his career.

Thanks so much to Ben for coming on.

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Hakim Warrick on The Vision

January 31, 2018

Hakim Warrick! If you went to Syracuse, like I did, this interview is going to be a trip down memory lane. If not, Hakim's story is still an incredible one. Hakim helped lead Syracuse University to a national championship, when I happened to be a freshman, and he probably had the most famous block in college basketball history--helping secure the win for his team.

In this conversation, Hakim will share his unexpected journey. He was a "late bloomer" both from a physical and skill stand-point, which impacted his high school experience. When he did develop he ended up at Syracuse University where his expectations quickly went from trying to "make it" at that level to knowing he could make an impact. 

Hakim ended up having a very successful 4-year career at Syracuse which led to him being a first-round pick in the NBA. Hakim played 8 years in the league before playing overseas which he is currently doing as a professional. 

As you will tell from this conversation, Hakim is a humble guy who has used systems and processes to get to where he is today. He had a vision of playing professionally when he was in 4th grade and was able to follow that vision all the way to the top of his profession. 

Thanks to Hakim for coming on the podcast. And thanks to the Syracuse community for listening. 

Hakim is not using social media as much these days but you can find him on Twitter and Instagram. 

Twitter: @hdubb21


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Steve Schlafman on Funding a Legacy

January 24, 2018

Steve Schlafman is in transition. He worked at a Venture Capital (VC) firm for a number of years and recently decided to break off on his own. Before working as a VC he had jobs at places like Microsoft and The Kraft Group, and those experiences have left an impact on how Steve looks at his career. Steve is certainly passionate about technology, but he will also talk about relationships, habits, and how he is constantly searching for how he can be his best self.

He is mindful. He recently participated in a 10-day intensive meditation retreat, which he talks about in the podcast. He's a deep thinker. He recently did a "think week" where he unplugged from technology to dive into books, videos, and write about a number of topics. He is intentional. He has made shifts in his life when he looked in the mirror and felt like he needed to make a change. He also will talk about some of the challenges in his life including ADHD, anxiety, and he will share what went into his decision to not drink alcohol anymore.

In this episode, we focus on the present--where he is right now, while also getting a sense of how he got to this point.

You can learn more about Steve at the following places:

Twitter: @schlaf 

Insta: @schlaf


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Candace Parker on Fear and Growth

January 17, 2018

Candace Parker is one of the best basketball players to ever lace up their sneakers. In high school, Candace won the 2003 and 2004 Gatorade National Girls Basketball Player of the Year. Following high school, Candace attended powerhouse University Tennessee where she continued to drastically impact women's basketball as the team won back to back championships her Sophomore and Junior year. She won player of the year honors in college before becoming the first pick of the WNBA draft. 

Candace continued her elite performance upon getting to the WNBA. She is a 2X WNBA MVP, is a 4X all-star, and helped lead her team to a WNBA champion in 2016 where she was named the Finals MVP. She has won gold medals and has received a number of other accolades. She has also had a lot of success overseas and currently is playing in China. 

Ok. So, while her resume is clearly impressive, what I enjoyed most was learning about how reflective Candace is in regard to her own personal growth. In this conversation, she shares how she studied and observed Kobe Bryant, to learn about his process for greatness. She also discusses how journaling has helped her develop and reach her goals throughout her career. She mentions mentors and people who have also helped nudge her to fulfill her potential and the gratitude she has for those people. 

Thanks to Candace for being so generous with her time and being vulnerable enough to share some of her strengths and weaknesses and how she is continuing to grow. If you want to learn more about Candace you can go to her website:

Also, Candace mentioned The Pat Summit Foundation which is working to end Alzheimer’s disease.

Twitter: @Candace_Parker

Instagram: @CandaceParker

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Thanks to Candace for coming on and all the best on this season.