Paxton Baker on Going toward Tough

October 4, 2017

Paxton Baker is an American businessman, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, who has served in the entertainment, music, sports and production industries for over 30 years.

He is a minority owner of the Washington Nationals Baseball club and currently serves as chairman of the Washington Nationals Founding Partners Group. In 2015, he became a partner in the ownership group of the Washington Kastles World Team Tennis League. He is also a governing Board Member of the Global Sports Summit.

For nearly 15 years, Baker was President of BET Event Productions, which produced music festivals, TV awards shows, specials and concerts throughout the world. While at BET, Baker produced several major award shows including the BET Experience (2014-2015), Soul Train Awards (2009-2014), The Source Awards (2006-2007) and Billboard Jazz Awards (2001).

In this conversation, we learn about Paxton's journey, what he does daily and weekly to be the best version of himself, and get insight into how sees the world. Paxton is also an athlete; he plays competitive basketball during the warm months in DC and canoes with a team in the cold months. He's extremely diligent and disciplined and intentional with his decisions. Paxton is rich with story, theory, and is extremely clear about how his thinking impacts his behavior.

To learn more about Paxton you can follow him on twitter @PaxtonKBaker and on Instagram @PaxtonKBaker and @PittWarrior.

Thanks so much to Paxton for coming on.

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