Steve Schlafman on Funding a Legacy

January 24, 2018

Steve Schlafman is in transition. He worked at a Venture Capital (VC) firm for a number of years and recently decided to break off on his own. Before working as a VC he had jobs at places like Microsoft and The Kraft Group, and those experiences have left an impact on how Steve looks at his career. Steve is certainly passionate about technology, but he will also talk about relationships, habits, and how he is constantly searching for how he can be his best self.

He is mindful. He recently participated in a 10-day intensive meditation retreat, which he talks about in the podcast. He's a deep thinker. He recently did a "think week" where he unplugged from technology to dive into books, videos, and write about a number of topics. He is intentional. He has made shifts in his life when he looked in the mirror and felt like he needed to make a change. He also will talk about some of the challenges in his life including ADHD, anxiety, and he will share what went into his decision to not drink alcohol anymore.

In this episode, we focus on the present--where he is right now, while also getting a sense of how he got to this point.

You can learn more about Steve at the following places:

Twitter: @schlaf 

Insta: @schlaf


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Thanks so much to Steve for coming on the podcast!