Ben Olsen on Being Inclusive

February 7, 2018

Ben Olsen is the head coach of DC United. I have been fortunate to collaborate with Ben and get to know him as a coach, father, and human. He's an amazing guy. Ben is someone who has tremendous emotional intelligence and knows how to bring people with him on a journey.

Ben had tremendous success as a player. In 1997, he was named the Soccer Player of the Year for the season he had at University of Virginia. He then went on to have success at the pro level where he played with the team he is currently the coach of (DC United). As a player, he was part of two MLS Cup titles, was a two-time All-Star, was the MLS Cup MVP in 1999, and won the Rookie of the Year. He also earned 37 caps with the US men's national team and played in the 2006 world cup.

I have enjoyed getting to know Ben over the years and I know you will enjoy this conversation as well. We get into his upbringing, leadership, humility, culture, and how he used visualization to help him in his career.

Thanks so much to Ben for coming on.

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