Adell Harris on the Adversity Advantage

August 30, 2017

On this episode I chat with Adell Harris. Adell is a strong woman who has not just survived adversity, but thrived from her adversity. Adell has been a victim of sexual abuse, was raised in a chaotic household, and has lost a number of important people in her life. But, that's just part of her story.

Adell played division 1 basketball at Wake Forest University and had a 14 year coaching career that led her to become the head coach of UNC Wilmington at the age of 31. She recently resigned from her post as head coach to pursue her dream of being a public speaker where she leverages story to help people make adversity their advantage.

There are a number of labels that Adell could use to describer herself, but as you will find in this conversation, using just one word would not do justice to who she is. She is authentic, passionate, inspiring, and fearless. I truly enjoyed this conversation with Adell and I know you will too.

To learn more about Adell check out her website: and follow her on Twitter:@RTL_AdellHarris.

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